Khamis, 10 Disember 2009


Belief in Darwinism goes back a very long way. It existed even in old periods of history. Look at Ibn Miskavayh, it is the same…. He describes the same thing more comprehensively than Darwin himself. He did not do any research, either. It is the same as in ancient Sumeria and ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. This pagan religion existed in many ancient civilizations. This heretical religion has existed ever since then. 
Science and art were kept at arm’s length out of a conservative mindset, an ignorant conception. People were afraid of science. They were afraid of art and excluded it. They thus also excluded science. But the whole of the Qur’an is inextricably bound up with science, and the Qur’an commands us to perform science. Science is a blessing from Allah so that we can understand the world. We can understand Creation through science. We can understand the whole of Allah’s artistry through science.
How did we come to understand about chromosomes? Through science. How did we obtain so many illustrations? Through the science of paleontology. And all this research? Through geology and biology. We learn about their structures through physics. We learn about other structures through chemistry. We learn about the structure of the cell using the electron microscope. Science tells us about the artistry of Allah. Without scince we can learn only very little about the artistry of Allah. Science and religion go hand in hand, and complement one another.